The History Channel has gone off the rails

Not that I ever thought The History Channel, and its sister H2, were particularly reliable sources of historical knowledge, but I always thought there was at least some effort at scholarship, even if it did tend to be shallow and focus on the sensational.

No more.

During one of my too-frequent middle-of-the-night stints of channel surfing instead of sleeping, I stumbled upon an episode of America’s Book of Secrets on H2 called America’s Doomsday Plan.

During the few minutes I watched, the narrator, in that near-hysterical tone beloved of some of these faux documentaries, begins to suggest — and speakers actually give credence to — the thought that the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s real purpose is to set up detention camps and undertake other preparations to control the populace in some kind of dystopian government clampdown.

#Poppycock. #Insanity. #Balderdash. #Load of crap. And, finally, #bullshit.

I guess The Tea Party is producing The History Channel these days.

The truly sad thing is that our society is becoming more and more historically illiterate, and our republic truly is threatened — not by government overlords, but by fascists in sheep’s clothing. (See: Lost in the Past by Timothy Egan in The New York Times.)

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