Thankful for God’s Providence

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and those of us with even a small affinity for social networks are, I’m sure, posting the many things for which we’re thankful. It sorta’ comes with the territory. I am no different.

And this morning as I was cataloguing things in my mind, it really dawned on me that I am thankful for only one thing.

God’s Providence.

Oh, to be sure, I’m thankful for many things:

  • For relatively good health, despite that heart attack three years ago.
  • For family and friends who care for me and each other.
  • For the ability, still, to participate in the world around me.
  • For all that has come before me, that has enabled me to be who I am.
  • Yes, that and much more, but this particular Thanksgiving, those two words — God’s Providence — broke through the list-making.

    Last night, following our grandson’s baptism, the family was sitting around telling stories. And by family, I mean not only my wife, my daughter, my son (sometimes known as Buttface) and his wonderful wife (well-named Beloved), but her mother, father and grandmother. (The kids were already in bed.)

    Somehow, the conversation got around to Buttface’s decision to attend Union Presbyterian Seminary instead of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. And then Beloved’s decision to attend Union instead of Princeton. There they met, fell in love, and as the cliche says, “the rest is history.”

    There was no reason they should have ever met, this young woman from Oregon and this young man from South Carolina (and Georgia and Texas). This studious, determined and introverted woman. This intelligent, impulsive, extroverted man.

    Now I’ve always been fascinated by the way seemingly unconnected decisions, both large and small, end up with huge significances. The decision to turn this way instead of that, to go or not to go to that event, to pick up the phone, or not.

    History is rife with small decisions that end up being life-, even world-changing.

    As I sat with this group of folks of which I was a part, I was extremely thankful for those decisions, large and small, by Buttface and Beloved that brought them together to be the parents of two wonderful children, and to bring together and create a new coast-to-coast family.

    There are new things in store for them, and for us, and I am thankful that at the core of it all, there is God’s Providence, for that is the only explanation of where I was sitting and what I was experiencing on Thanksgiving Eve.

    We are all in God’s hand, even those who deny it or don’t realize it or fight against it or challenge it or reject it.

    And for that, I am eternally thankful.

    Grace and peace to you this Thanksgiving as God looks over us all.

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    1. Opa says:

      Amen, John, amen!

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