And now the real work begins

As I near the third anniversary of my heart attack (Oct. 9), I was very excited to step on the scale this morning and see a number that I haven’t seen since several months after the event. Like many — most? — folks, I dropped a goodly amount of weight after the heart attack, but slowly began to regain it until I reached a point that was almost the same thing I weighed before.

But since last November, both my wife and I have been working on our weight, and successfully dropping pounds. But within the last two weeks, I’ve had a couple of epiphanies:

1) One day at the gym, I was doing this exercise called the Farmer’s Walk. I was complaining about the amount of weight I was carrying when I realized that it was about the exact amount of weight I had lost. No wonder I was always tired.

2) Today’s number gets me back to where I was just after getting out of heart rehab.

So now the real work begins!



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