Great minds, and all that!

It’s always nice to see your own thinking and perspective confirmed, so I was pleasantly surprised to read my friend Jerry Van Marter’s story on the PCUSA’s website about Vice Moderator Landon Whitsitt’s description of “WikiPresbyterians” and discussion of “open source church.”

It was nice to see Landon — whom I only know through Twitter (@landonw) — had reached the same conclusion as I had a couple of years ago. Totally independently.

Here’s what I wrote while sitting in the General Assembly in San Jose in 2008. (If you can’t follow the link, essentially I also called our denomination WikiPresbyterians and suggested if we started calling it an “open source denomination” maybe we catch some new folks.)

Now, more than three years later, and from an entirely different corner, comes the same idea. Maybe there’s something to it.

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