Getting Started Again

After several months of inactivity, it’s time to relaunch my blogging efforts.

There are several reasons for this, but two main ones: a new career in a new place (that’s only one), and a crash-and-burn with my old host (1and1, if you’re interested) and my frustrations with its support system. Yeah, I made the error, 1and1 folks, but you could have done a better job of helping me recover.

As a result of that error, you won’t see any of the old postings here. I’ve come to terms with that and have rationalized it away. Still makes me mad; maybe I’ll figure out how to recover them, but for now I’m moving on.

So, I’ve got a new host (JustHost) and starting over.

I toyed with the idea of changing the blog name, since the language is so much tied to my church work. But I decided not to, since it’s so much a part of who and what I am.

But topics will be broader, more media/communications driven than before — although faith issues are never too far out of the picture.

So, now to see if anybody but me and @ggbolt16 ever reads this!


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2 Responses to Getting Started Again

  1. Greg Bolt says:

    I guess I will read this ;P

  2. Sue Wonderland says:

    go john!!! (-:

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